First day

Your first day

Your introduction will help you understand the requirements of your role and how to effectively deliver and contribute to your department's priorities. This may vary within each section within the Council, depending on their priorities and objectives.

You can expect:

  • All IT and other work equipment will be available to you
  • An introduction to job related equipment from a nominated officer
  • An introduction to our IT service
  • Arrangement of future one to one meetings which will allow you to discuss your role and objectives with your line manager
  • Introduction to key contacts, the wider team and colleagues which may include a team buddy
  • An explanation of the induction process and when your manager will discuss the key probation stages

Managers responsibilities

  • Provide you with key Health & Safety Information (fire escape routes, muster points, first aiders and incident reporting)
  • Introduce you to workplace facilities such as toilets, refreshments, meeting spaces and other Corporate services (Multi Functional Devices/Print room)
  • Introduce individuals within your team
  • Arrange for you to undertake job shadowing
  • Provide you with guidance on travel arrangements and the relevant terms of use
  • Provide you with your identification and the terms of its use
  • Discuss workplace adjustments if required - Including evacuation arrangements

Your responsibilities

Check you are issued with the following where appropriate;

  • Travel arrangements and terms of use
  • Identification and terms of use
  • Workplace adjustments carried out - Including evacuation arrangements
  • Ensure you are comfortable with your buildings Health and Safety – if in doubt, ask your line manager
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