Information and Data

Data Protection

Find out more on the Data Protection Act and accessing information.

Freedom of Information

Information on how to request information and what will be done with that request.

Disclosure Log

Our disclosure log contains previous FOI and EIR requests that we've received going back to July 2014.


Found more on our commitment to equality

Reports, Strategies and Plans

View our reports, strategies and plans

Performance & Stats

Find out more on how we're performing

Transparency Data

View more about our transparency data

Property Services

View the data of land and building assets that we own.

Payments to Suppliers

View the Councils payments to suppliers spending reports.

Tenders and Contract List

View data on our tenders and contract list.

Business rates and council tax credits

View quarterly information on Business Rates and Council Tax Credits

National Fraud Initiative

Find out more about the National Fraud Initiative


Find our meetings calendar, agendas and minutes as well as watching our meetings.

Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan sets out our vision and ambitions

Trade Union Facility Time

Find out about Trade Union Facility Time.