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Key Performance Indicator Update Quarter 4 P&R

Meeting: 27/06/2018 - Policy and Resources Committee (Item 18)

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Mrs Angela Woodhouse, the Head of Policy, Communications and Governance, introduced the report setting out the Council’s performance against the top three priorities for 2017/18: Providing a clean and safe environment; Regenerating the Town Centre; and A home for everyone.  It was noted that:


·  Overall, 67% of targeted Key Performance Indicators reported this quarter achieved or exceeded their target for quarter 4 and only one indicator was rated as red (Processing of planning applications (minor applications)).


·  In terms of providing a clean and safe environment there had been strong performance in relation to street cleanliness and fly tipping.  The percentage for recycling had dropped below target for quarter 4, but remained above 50% for the year.  The focus remained on boosting plastic and food waste recycling and the new Waste and Recycling Strategy would be reported to the Communities, Housing and Environment Committee in July.


·  In terms of regeneration of the town centre, footfall in the High Street had not met the target for the quarter and the Economic Development Team had commented that there was usually a drop in footfall following the Christmas peak and the figures whilst down on quarter 4 last year were significantly up on quarter 4 the year before.  Overall there had been a steady rise in footfall over the course of the year and the annual target had been achieved.


·  In terms of a home for everyone, there had been a drop in performance in determining planning applications because of the need to clear a significant backlog.  This was being addressed by the Strategic Planning, Sustainability and Transportation Committee.  There had been positive performance in housing in quarter 4 with the number of affordable homes delivered above target and the number of households prevented from becoming homeless through the intervention of housing advice above target as well as those housed through the Housing Register.


In response to questions, Mrs Woodhouse explained that:


·  The target for the percentage of land and highways with acceptable levels of detritus had increased for 2018/19.


·  47.3% of household waste was sent for reuse, recycling or composting during January and February.  The figures for March were still awaited from Kent County Council.  She would look into the reasons for the delay and circulate an explanation to Members of the Committee.


·  For 2018/19, a Key Performance Indicator had been included to detail the percentage of fly tips cleared within 4 working days in addition to the Key Performance Indicator detailing the percentage of fly tips cleared within 2 working days.


Members wished to place on record their appreciation of performance in relation to the number of households housed through the housing register, homeless preventions and the number of households living in temporary accommodation owned by the Borough Council (with a consequential reduction in temporary accommodation costs).


RESOLVED:  That the summary of performance for Quarter 4 of 2017/18 for Key Performance Indicators be noted.



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