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Responsible officer

How will we know that this done?

To be delivered by:

Role 1: As a Community Leader

We will engage with residents in an open and meaningful way.

Provide a consistent approach to providing information to residents in alternative formats across the authority

         Roll out toolkit to all staff and councillors and ensure a Council wide approach

         Produce new Policy and Strategy Guidance

         Meet the EU accessibility standards (EN301549) for public sector websites and apps within the timescales set by Government

         Policy and Information team - Equalities and Corporate Policy Officer

         Communications† team

         Democratic Services

         A clear process and procedure to providing information used consistently across the authority and monitored.

         Publish an accessibility statement using the European Commission framework.

December 2018

Demonstrate effective engagement with the community, charity and voluntary sector, providing evidence of involvement in the Councilís decision-making process.


         Develop and grow an internal database of organisations in the community, charity and voluntary sectors

         Use social media (and other means including the Borough Insight community section) to amplify the voice and opportunities being offered by the community, charity and voluntary sectors

         Develop individually tailored communication and engagement strategies for consultations


         Policy and Information team - Equalities and Corporate Policy Officer

         Data Intelligence Officer

         Communications and Marketing team

         Increased response rate from groups with low response rates to consultation: 18-24 year olds, over 75 year olds and BME groups






November 2019

Raise the profile of the Military Covenant in Maidstone

         Develop a new Internet information page

         Develop an information toolkit for all staff and councillors

         Increase involvement of military including cadets at civic and community events


         Mayoralty team

         Equalities and Corporate Policy Officer

         Number of hits on Military Covenant Internet information† page

         Increased awareness of Councilís role in military covenant demonstrated by enquiries to Military Covenant lead officer


March 2019

Role 2:† As a Service Provider

We will ensure our services are inclusive, accessible and support residents and customers.

Ensure sensitive personal data is only collected where required and managed securely

         Implement actions from Information Audits

         Undertake annual audit†

           Policy and Information Manager

           Information and Corporate Policy Officer

           Unit Managers

         Sensitive personal data only collected where there is a legal basis or consent is given.

         Improved use of Equalities data as an evidence base, where held appropriately.



Review March 2019

Raise standard of Equalities Impact Assessments (EIAs)

         Undertake training with Managers and Key officers that complete EIAs

         Monitor Committees work programmes to identify where EIAs should be included.



Policy and Information team - Equalities and Corporate Policy Officer

       Engagement with Policy and Information Team at earliest opportunity.

       Well thought out and prepared documents

       All reports to have clearly considered equalities implications.

      All EIAs to be published on the website.


December 2018

Provide a consistent approach to contract management across the services.

      Review Commissioning and Procurement Strategy

      Evaluate† commission and procurement processes and procedures





      Ensuring all contracts managed are compliant with the Councilís values, in line with the Public Sector Equality Duty.

March 2019

To take steps to becoming a Dementia Friendly Organisation

         Identify a member of staff to act as a champion for age-friendliness

         Attend the information seminar the Maidstone† area

         Review training and awareness of dementia across the organisation

         Review information and signage from a dementia perspective

           Health and Well-Being team


           Customer Services

           Communications and Engagement team

           Digital team

           Policy and Information team

         Join up with other local organisations and businesses on emerging dementia initiatives

         The inclusion or referencing of dementia in new policies across the council

         Information being produced, across all communication channels in an accessible manner


March 2019


Role 3: As an Employer

To have a workforce that feels valued and respected.


To deliver annual Equalities training† to all elected members as part of ongoing professional development

         Equalities Training to be included in the Member Development Programme

Democratic Services & Policy and Information

       Councillors demonstrating an understanding of the implications and importance of providing a sound evidence base as part of Equalities Impact Assessments in determining changes to or reviews of Policy decisions.

July 2019

To ensure newly elected members are offered appropriate support to be effective in their role

       At new member induction session (and on a rolling annual basis) provide a form to request reports, minutes and communications in alternative formats such as large print.

Democratic Services

         Completed forms returned to Democratic Services.

         Take-up of support.

         Improved understanding of elected members and their needs and requirements within Democratic Services team.

June 2019