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Please give the reason for the representation and detail the evidence supporting it:

Community Protection Team make these representations in respect of the application for a Premises Licence to be granted for the use of Mote Park , Maidstone by Spirit of Rock Limited. The application is to allow certain Licensable activities namely live music, recorded music and the supply of alcohol between 11:00hrs and 01:00hrs during a 3 day event, from 29th June 2016 to 1st July 2018 (music only 30th June and 1st July).

Community Protection Team consulted with the applicant through the Safety Advisory Group last year and the following suggested conditions are the same as the 2017 event.

The event is planned to be held on the South West side of Mote Park. There are three main areas, the main event/music area, a camping area in the cricket ground and a glamping area situated approx 100m from residential premises at South Park Road.

Mote Park is surrounded by residential properties and this event poses a risk of noise break out affecting these properties. Our recommendations follow the Noise Council Code of Practice on Environmental Noise Control at Concerts.


Suggested conditions that could be added to the licence to remedy the representation or other suggestions the licensing sub-committee may take into account:

         A noise management plan including procedures for monitoring levels during the event, the locations to be monitored, management authority for reducing sound levels and procedures for dealing with complaints will be sent to Licensing authority and the responsible authorities for inspection and comment at least 2 months in advance of the licensed event. Signs will request that departing customers respect the local area and neighbours.

         External lighting will be positioned so as to not cause nuisance to neighbouring or adjoining properties.


         The Licensee shall ensure that waste and refuse are removed in timely manner to a licensed waste facility.


         Up to 2300 hours music noise levels in 63Hz or 125Hz octave frequency bands shall not exceed 70dB in any 15 minute period at 2km and beyond. The monitoring points will be agreed with the Environmental Enforcement Team prior to an event.


         The Premises Licence Holder will make available a telephone number or numbers, staffed continually throughout the duration of the event, for members of the public to contact, in order for concerns relating directly to the event to be addressed immediately. This person will be located either on site or nearby i.e. in Mote Park.

         At least one contact telephone number must be provided to Maidstone Borough Council's Environmental Enforcement Team in advance of the event so that if complaints of noise nuisance, including those outside normal office hours, are received during any stage of the event, including the installation, appropriate instructions can be given to reduce noise levels.

         Music noise levels after 2300 hours shall be inaudible at the designated monitoring points agreed with the Environmental Enforcement Team. This includes music noise levels from the camping and glamping areas.


         Sound level monitoring equipment to monitor compliance with these conditions must be an IEC Type 1 Standard capable of providing a read-out in dB(A) in 60 seconds to 15 minute dB(A) Leq values. Measurements to be taken in compliance with BS744-1:2003 - Description and measurement of environmental noise.


         Where requested Noise measurements data shall be submitted to the Environmental Enforcement Team within 28 days of the end of each music event. This should be provided in 15 minute periods as per the requirements in the previous conditions.

         Suitable competent person(s) will be used to monitor and produce a post event report.


         The Music Noise Level (MNL), as described in section 3 of the Noise Council Code of Practice on Environmental Noise Control at Concerts, should not exceed 65dB(A) (Leaq 15min) at the agreed monitoring points set by the Environmental Enforcement Team.


         Both the camping and glamping areas will be staffed at all times by a SIA trained security who will manage noise emitting from these areas to reduce the risk of affecting neighbour properties.


         The use of personal stereos will be prohibited in the camping and glamping areas.




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