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As a Community Leader: We will engage with residents in an open and meaningful way.

Increase understanding of Maidstone’s residents through analysis of demographic information.

Provide ward level analysis of demographic information from annual Resident’s Survey to Ward Councillors.

Policy and Information team – Data Intelligence Officer

·         Report to be produced for every ward member following annual Resident’s Survey

November 2017

Provide a consistent approach to providing information to residents in alternative formats across the authority

An audit review to be undertaken on information provided in alternative front facing services


Policy and Information team - Equalities and Corporate Policy Officer

·         A clear process and procedure used consistently across the authority and monitored.

October 2017

Embed the principles of good consultation and engagement (as set out in the Communications and Engagement Strategy).

New Consultation toolkit and guidelines to be developed

Policy and Information team - Data Intelligence Officer & Equalities and Corporate Policy Officer

·         Improvement in standard and consistency of consultation.


·         Wider engagement with hard to reach groups demonstrated by responses received.

December 2017

Demonstrate effective engagement with the community and voluntary sector, providing evidence of involvement in the Council’s decision-making process.


Creating a single point of contact for the organisation for all community groups and forums to ensure forward planning and coordination.


Policy and Information team - Equalities and Corporate Policy Officer & Data Intelligence Officer

·         Increased number of  consultation responses from hard to reach groups per public consultation


·         Ensure consistent engagement with changes in Council policy


·         Consistent message being directed across the authority


September 2017

As a Service Provider: We will ensure our services are inclusive, accessible and support residents and customers.

Review Equalities data collected to ensure personal information is handled correctly, in line with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

To complete an annual equality data audit with Service Managers.


Policy and Information team - Equalities and Corporate Policy Officer & Data Intelligence Officer


Unit Managers

·         Provide an Equalities data audit record, reported to Committee in the Annual Equalities Update Report.

·         Improved use of Equalities data as an evidence base, where held appropriately.



Review by March 2018

Raise standard of Equalities Impact Assessments (EqIAs)

·         Review of EqIAs paperwork


·         Undertake training with Managers and Key officers that complete EqIAs


·         Monitor Committees work programmes to identify where EqIAs should be included.


·         Provide challenge and support to officers where gaps are identified.


Policy and Information team - Equalities and Corporate Policy Officer

·       Engagement with Policy and Information Team at earliest opportunity


·       Well thought out and prepared documents


All reports to have clearly considered equalities implications

·      All EqIAs to be published on the website.




September 2018

Provide a consistent approach to contract management across the services.

·      Review Commissioning and Procurement Strategy

·      Evaluate  commission and procurement processes and procedures

·      Review existing contracts




·      Ensuring all contracts managed are compliant with the Council’s values, in line with the Public Sector Equality Duty.

Review by March 2018

As an Employer: To have a workforce that feels valued and respected.


Integrate Equalities into Service Planning process.






·         Equalities to form part of Service Planning Requirements


·         EqIA requirements  submitted to Policy and Information team and timetabled for the year ahead.


·         Presentation to staff forum/unit managers on annual basis in line with service planning timetable


·         NETconsent to deliver Equality Policy to All Staff.  Mandatory to read and accept.

Policy and Information team


All staff



·       Increase in the number and quality of EqIA’s completed.

·       Increased understanding of equalities impact on decision making

·       NETconsent reporting and testing functionality used to ensure all staff have read and understood the policy

September 2018

To deliver annual Equalities training  to all elected members as part of ongoing professional development

·         Equalities Training to be included in the Member Development Programme

Democratic Services & Policy and Information

·       Members demonstrating an understanding of the implications and importance of providing a sound evidence base as part of Equalities Impact Assessments in determining changes to or reviews of Policy decisions.

May 2018

To ensure newly elected members are offered appropriate support to be effective in their role

·       At new member induction session (and on a rolling annual basis) provide a form to request reports, minutes and communications in alternative formats such as large print.

Democratic Services

·         Completed forms retuned to Democratic Services


·         Take-up of support


·         Improved understanding of elected members and their needs and requirements within Democratic Services team


May 2018

To develop and support member engagement with hard to reach groups in the community.

·         Signpost members to appropriate bodies, forums and groups within the community

Democratic Services & Policy and Information

·         Improved engagement and understanding of hard to reach groups in Maidstone.

May 2018


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