Strategies and Plans


Asset Management Plan 2012-15

Community Safety Partnership Plan 2013-18

Home Energy Efficiency Plan 2015-17

Local Enforcement Plan

Local Enforcement Plan Informal Action Flowchart

Local Enforcement Plan Formal Action Flowchart

Local Plan 2011-31

Local Transport Plan

Parks and Open Spaces Strategic Plan 2017-27

Strategic Plan 2019


Gender Pay Gap Report

Parking Services Annual Report

Workforce Equalities Report 2018


Affordable Energy Strategy 2015

Art and Culture Strategy 2019-24

Capital Strategy

Communication and Engagement Strategy 2019-24

Digital Strategy 2018 - 2021

Economic Development Strategy 2015-31

Green and Blue Infrastructure Strategy

Homelessness Review

Homeless Strategy

Housing Allocation Policy

Integrated Transport Strategy

Investment Strategy 2020/21

Land Contamination Strategy

Local Transport Plan

Low Emissions Strategy

Maidstone Parish Charter

Workforce Strategy