Current Consultations

Throughout the year we want the views of residents, businesses and other members of the community on a range of topics.

In these surveys we ask questions about you, please view why we ask them.

Council Tax Reduction Scheme - working age claimants

Council Tax Reduction provides help for people on low incomes by reducing the amount of Council Tax payable. Currently there are over 5,000 working age residents in receipt of Council Tax Reduction. The maximum reduction awarded is 80%.

Each year Full Council has to approve the Council Tax Reduction Scheme for the following year. Where there are changes proposed, it is necessary for a public consultation to take place on any proposed changes

The Council is looking to change its scheme from 1 April 2021 due to the following reasons:

  • The many Universal Credit (UC) changes that come through from the Department for Works and Pensions (DWP) mean the current scheme is now outdated as Council Tax Reduction has to be recalculated each time a change is reported.
  • Many councils have changed their schemes to income banded schemes with wide income bands to work with Universal Credit. Although full migration to Universal Credit is not expected before 2024, a year on year increase is expected each year until 2024.

Three income band models have been proposed and we want to hear what you think and which model you prefer.

  • Model 1 is a simple scheme made up of five income bands with maximum of 80% as under the current scheme.
  • Model 2 is the same as Model 1 except for an additional 5% uplift to Council Tax Support for households in receipt of disability illness benefits in respect of the claimant or their partner (subject to a maximum level of support of 80%)
  • Model 3 is a further model but with a maximum support of 70%, except for households in receipt of disability or illness benefits which will have support uplifted by 10% to 80% in band 1.

For all models, household income will take into account a £5 per week deduction where there is a non-dependant living in the household who is on out of work benefits. Where there is a working non-dependant in the household, a £10 per week deduction will be made. A non-dependant is an adult (over 18) living in the property who is not a partner/lodger/joint tenant.

Anyone who has capital (savings) of over £10,000 will not be eligible.

View background information on the models proposed.

The survey takes around 10 minutes to complete.

Survey closes: 27th September 2020.

Give your feedback on the proposed options

Maidstone Bus Station Improvements

Maidstone Borough Council, is inviting residents, businesses and stakeholders to have their say on the proposed new look Town Centre Bus Station.

The proposals aim to modernise the area by improving its overall image as a modern and well cared for place with excellent public transport facilities.

View background information and the scheme proposal.

The survey takes around 6 minutes to complete.

Survey closes: Thursday 17th September 2020.

Give your feedback on the Maidstone Bus Station

Town Centre PSPO Consultation

In 2017 the Council introduced a PSPO (Public Spaces Protection Order) that allowed the Council to deal with measures to reduce anti-social behaviour in the town centre around alcohol and persistent begging. We know that anti-social behaviour can detrimentally affect people's quality of life and we want to ensure that everyone is able to enjoy public spaces in our town centre, which are safe and welcoming. It has now been three years since these measures were introduced and we are required to review them.

View background information including a map of the PSPO Zone.

The survey takes around 6 minutes to complete.

Survey closes: Friday 7th August 2020.

Give your feedback on the Town Centre

Local Plan Review – Scoping, Themes & Issues Public Consultation (Regulation 18)

As first step in the Local Plan Review process, we've prepared a Scoping, Themes & Issues document. We'll be asking for your views on the matters which the Local Plan Review should cover. The consultation will open on Friday 19 July and close at 5pm on Monday 30 September. The Scoping Themes & Issues document provides background on the key issues we've identified and asks consultation questions.

To view the documentation and more information, visit our Local Plan Review page.

Consultation Results

When we consult residents, businesses and other members of the community for their views, we publish the results online.

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