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Honorary Aldermen

Meeting: 14/03/2018 - Democracy Committee (Item 86)

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The Committee considered the report of Mr Sam Bailey, the Democratic and Administration Manager, which set out the legal powers that the Council had for appointing Honorary Aldermen as well as a suggested selection framework.


It was noted that Councillor Harper had requested that this report be brought before the Committee for consideration.


Members made the following comments:-


·  That there should be a nomination process.

·  That the suggested timescale of 8 years was not enough and it should be 12 or 16 years.

·  That an automatic qualification of 8 years could lead to a large number of ex-Councillors becoming Honorary Aldermen. 

·  That further consideration was required to enable an informed decision. 

RESOLVED:  That a meeting be held to take into account issues raised by Members and that a criterion for the appointment of an Alderman/Alderwoman be produced and firm proposals be brought back to the Committee.


Voting  Unanimous