Performing animals

You will need a Performing Animals Licence if you’d like to train and show performing animals in Maidstone.

Before registering with us you may need to apply for planning permission to change the use of the property, so that it can be used for training animals. See our Planning Pages for more information.

If you are hired to display your animals at a zoo, you are responsible for getting a Performing Animals Licence. If you are employed by a zoo, they are responsible for getting the licence.

If your business is based in another borough you would need to apply for a licence there and be able to show your licence if asked to.

Who's it for

Anyone can apply for a licence. However we will take any previous offences relating to either the mistreatment of or the negligence in care of animals, and any evidence that supports this very seriously.

Apply for a licence

    You will need to supply:

    • Detailed information about the nature of the animals’ performance or work and their training schedule.
    • A detailed plan of your premises including all relevant features such as emergency access, any public areas, animal accommodation, exercise areas, water, electricity access and any storage areas.
    • A register of the animals that you intend to train and exhibit on the premises, including the species, gender and how many of each type.
    • A copy of your Public Liability Insurance to the value of at least £5 million
    • A copy of your planning consents

    We would also need to see a copy of your Employer’s Liability Insurance to the value of at least £5 million, if you have people working for you.

    Apply for a performing animals licence

    How long does it take

    Applications take 40 days to process, with a pre-inspection visit taking place after 10 days. We will contact you within eight days of receiving the application to arrange the visit. A formal inspection will be arranged after the pre-inspection visit. As part of the inspection we will need a certified veterinary report to be signed by a veterinary officer.

    Renew my licence

    You do not need to renew Performing Animal Licences.

    Make changes to my licence

      You will also need to include supporting documents with your application, if you have made changes to:

      • Your stock
      • Your insurance
      • Your certification or the certification of your staff
      • The layout of the premises

      You might not need to change your licence if you’re making small changes to the premises. Before making an application contact the licensing partnership team by emailing or call 01732 227004 and they will confirm whether you need to make a new application.

      Change my licence

      Licence fees

      New applications cost £170.

      Upon receiving the application there may be additional costs to pay as a result of veterinary inspections carried out as part of the application. These vary in price depending on which surgery carries out the inspection and are paid directly to them.

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