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Waste Collections Catch-up Plan 6 – 12 March 2018

From Tuesday 6 March until Friday 9 March, REFUSE will be prioritised and we will collect refuse and food waste from ALL properties.

Recycling services will return to normal from Monday 12 March.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why could collections not be completed this week?


Collections were cancelled on Tuesday 27 February due to the deep snow which occurred overnight affecting all routes including main roads.  Road conditions were too dangerous to send the vehicles out and most roads were impassable.  Most of the workforce managed to get into work and were therefore deployed to clear snow and access for the dustcarts ready for Wednesday.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday conditions in most side roads remained extremely hazardous due to snow and ice.  Drivers and loaders were asked to attempt collections where it was safe to do so without risking injury to themselves or the public.

Unfortunately the majority of collections could not be completed safely.

I could get my car out, why could you not collect?


Our vehicles are 26 tonne dustcarts and we cannot risk injury to the public or our staff.  If these vehicles start skidding or sliding on the ice, the risk of serious injury or damage to property is significantly greater than from cars.  Although some roads were clearing, the footpaths remained treacherous for operatives trying to collect the bins.

Monday Collections -  My collection was not affected by the snow; will it now be affected by the catch up?


Monday collections were NOT impacted by the weather and therefore refuse, recycling and garden waste collections will be as NORMAL on Monday 5 March.  The catch up will begin from Tuesday 6 March.

I am confused about what is due for collection next week?


We have suspended recycling collections from 6 to 9 March to enable us to catch up with the backlog of refuse.

26 February 20185 March 201812 March 201819 March 2018
Monday Collections (Calendar 1)RefuseRecyclingRefuseRecycling
Monday Collections (Calendar 2)RecyclingRefuseRecyclingRefuse
Tuesday – Friday Collections (Calendar 1)Refuse*RefuseRefuseRecycling
Tuesday – Friday Collections (Calendar 2)Recycling*RefuseRecyclingRefuse

*service disrupted

To check your collection calendar please visit our mapping page.

My recycling was due to be collected this week, when will it be emptied?


Over the next week we will be prioritising REFUSE collections and therefore ask that you store your recycling until the next scheduled collection.  You can present additional recycling in cardboard or reusable boxes.  If you are unable to store your extra recycling, unfortunately you will have to place it in your refuse bin or in black bags beside your refuse bin and it will be sent for energy recovery.

I have extra recycling that won’t fit in my bin, what should I do?


Please try to squash everything as much as possible.  You can present extra recycling beside your bin in a cardboard or reusable box.  We will not be able to recycle items which are left out in sacks.  If you cannot store your recycling until the next scheduled collection, unfortunately you will have to put it in your refuse bin or in black sacks next to your refuse bin.

My refuse was due to be collected this week, when will it be emptied?


We will be prioritising REFUSE collections next week from Tuesday to Friday.  Please leave your refuse and food waste bins out for collection on your NORMAL collection day next week and they will be emptied.  If we miss your refuse bin by mistake, please report online and we will return by Saturday 10 March.

If I have extra refuse will it be collected?


Yes, we will be collecting extra black bags beside your bin this week when we clear everyone’s refuse.  Please make sure the bags are securely tied and there is no spillage.

My garden waste was due to be collected this week, when will it be emptied?


Unfortunately as we need to catch up refuse collections, we will not be able to return to empty garden bins not serviced last week.  At this time of year there should be very little garden waste produced so we ask that you present your garden bin for collection on the next scheduled day.  We are very sorry for the inconvenience and delay to collections.

I didn’t get a garden collection this week, do I get a refund / reduction in the charge?


Unfortunately we are not able to offer refunds for garden waste.  The service does not guarantee a specific number of collections per year.  Due to the weather it is unlikely residents will be gardening and therefore generate any further garden waste over this fortnight.  Your garden bin will be emptied on the next scheduled collection.

When will my clinical waste be collected?


Maidstone’s clinical collections were due on Tuesday 27 February.  These will now be collected on Tuesday 6 March.  Please leave your clinical waste out for collection by 7am on that day.

I had a bulky collection booked for this week, when will it be removed?


We are currently working to collect all bulky waste booked for collection and anticipate it being collected by Tuesday 6 March.  Please ensure your items are visible and cleared of snow.  Collections booked for 5 March to 9 March should go ahead as normal.  We have currently suspended further bookings for this service until the backlog is cleared.  We anticipate collections returning to normal from Monday 12 March.

I have bulky waste to dispose of, when can I make a booking?


We anticipate reopening the bulky bookings from Friday 9 March.

Where can I find out further information regarding collections?


Information is posted throughout the day on the Council’s website.

Can I take extra waste or recycling to the tip (Tovil Household Waste Recycling Centre)?


Tovil Household Waste Recycling Centre will be open as normal next week, however it may be busier than normal.  We will collect any additional refuse beside your refuse bin this week.

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