Change Your Benefits

You must tell us if your circumstances change.

Please use the buttons at the bottom of this page.

We need to be told about any changes as it may affect your benefit payments. You still need to tell us your change even if you have told another organisation such as the jobcentre.

Things that may change your situation are categorised below:

Changes to Income


We need to know if your:

  • earnings go up or down
  • getting a new benefit/pension/tax credit
  • losing a benefit/pension/tax credit
  • benefit/pension/tax credit change
  • getting an occupational or private pension
  • occupational or private pension changes
  • Income Support/Jobseekers Allowance/Employment Support Allowance/Pension Credit ends

Have your earnings changed?

If your earnings have changed you can let us know by using the form below. You can return it to

Certificate of Earnings

Changes in Capital or Savings


We need to know if your

  • bank or building society accounts capital/savings going up or down
  • getting capital/savings. This includes property and land

Changes in your Family and/or People who Live with you


We need to know about:

  • a birth
  • marriage
  • child leaving school
  • someone leaving/joining your home
  • a disability
  • someone going into/coming out of hospital
  • fostering a child
  • adopting a child
  • a death

Changes in your Home


We need to know if your:

  • moving into a new home or moving out of your home
  • your rent goes up or down
  • tenancy changes

Make a change to your claim

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