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The Making Maidstone More Active review gives Maidstone Borough Council the opportunity to understand exactly what residents want from their local leisure service and to incorporate those elements into the next leisure contract.

Around one quarter of Maidstone adults are reported as being inactive, excess weight in Maidstone’s adult population is worse than the national average and obesity in Maidstone children aged 10-11 is worse than the south east average.

Maidstone aspires for its population to be healthier than that and the Making Maidstone More active review will enable residents to help us design a leisure service that will enable, encourage and empower them to be more active.

To engage as many residents as possible the review has two distinct stages:

Stage 1

  • Residents survey open from 27th September to 15th December 2019
  • Captures information on current behaviours, attitudes towards physical activity and opinions on local services
  • Open to those who consider themselves active and inactive
  • Aimed at adults but can be filled in by parents on behalf of their children
  • Everyone who enters will be entered into a prize draw to win:
  • Four tickets to the Hazlitt Theatre pantomime on 27th December 2019
  • A day out for four to the Museum of Kent Life
  • A fourball of golf at Cobtree Manor Park Golf Course
  • A three-month membership of Maidstone Leisure Centre

Stage 2

  • Forums targeted at different user groups, demographics and geographic areas of Maidstone
  • Held between January 2020 and January 2021.
  • An opportunity to get a deeper understanding of opinions and themes identified in stage one.
  • Opportunity to volunteer to take part in a forum in your area

Look out for the Making Maidstone More Active team in your neighbourhood throughout October and November. If there are opportunities to collect survey responses in your ward or village, particularly at a community event or meeting, we are interested to hear from you.

Ward Response Rates

Ward Number of ResponsesResponse Rate ranking  (% of population)
Allington 266th
Barming and Teston325th
Boughton Monchelsea and Chart Sutton115th
Coxheath and Hunton 2117th
Detling and Thurnham 211st
Downswood and Otham 153rd
East 3014th
Fant 2820th
Harrietsham and Lenham 1323rd
Headcorn 1419th
Heath 2018th
High Street 4613th
Leeds 142nd
Loose 99th
Marden and Yalding 2515th
North Downs716th
Park Wood 1126th
Shepway North 3411th
Shepway South 2112th
South 3610th
Staplehurst 1224th
Sutton Valence and Langley722nd


What is the purpose of Making Maidstone More Active?


This is a two-year review of all leisure offered to the residents of the borough, in order to highlight any changes that could be made to improve the physical activity levels of our residents.

Who are you asking to fill out the survey?


Anyone who live in, works in or visits Maidstone. If your life is associated with the borough in some way then the leisure service could be benefitting you. We want to hear your views on how we can improve those benefits for you.

How long will it take to fill out the survey?


About 6 minutes, but the questions will be tailored by your responses so will all be relevant to you. This will enable us to get as much rich and useful data as possible to design the future leisure service.

How long is the survey open for?


The survey will be open for about 11 weeks from September to the 15th December 2019.

What happens next?


After the survey has closed we will be holding forums for the residents to attend and discuss our findings further. These will be steered by the survey responses and will be used to explore certain topics in more detail.

How can I get involved further?


There will be a forum held locally to you that you will be able to attend. Subsequently, if you want to assist in the survey collection stage we are looking for opportunities to gather survey responses from people and are keen to attend community events or locations to do so.

If there is an event in your area where we could do this we would like to hear from you.

Can I still take part if I don't live in the borough?


Yes. The daily dynamics of the borough involves residents and visitors and the leisure service is no different. Our leisure centre and other venues are visited by lots of people who don’t live in the borough so your views are just as important to us.

What will you do with my data and all the data you collect?


The data will be analysed and incorporated in to the design of the future leisure service in Maidstone.

How will my data be looked after?


The information provided by you in this survey will be used for research purposes. It will not be used in a manner that would allow identification of individual responses. Should you choose to sign up to any of our mailing lists, enter the prize draw or volunteer for a focus group this information will be treated separately and will not be linked to your survey response. Further information about how we handle your data is available here.

Is there an age limit for people filling it in?


This survey is aimed at adult respondents.  When filling it in please limit your responses to your own behaviours and not those of other family members. A separate piece of work will be undertaken to incorporate the behaviours and trends of young people’s activity levels.

Why is Making Maidstone More Active being done now?


The review is being carried out now so that a leisure service fit for the future can be commissioned and delivered alongside Maidstone’s other future plans.  The current leisure centre contract, due to expire in 2024 will continue to run until then. The Making Maidstone More Active findings will also be used in the re-commissioning of that contract.

Will this affect Maidstone Leisure Centre?


The current leisure centre contract expires in 2024 and there will be no changes until then. The Making Maidstone More Active review will be used in the design and award of the next leisure centre contract.

Will it be anonymous?


Yes, the survey will ask for your name and email address if you wish to receive further communications or be entered into the prize draw. However, your information will not be used in a way that would enable identification of individual responses. Because of this we are unable to respond to queries made through the survey, if you have a query about the survey please email: For all other queries please see our website.

What incentives are on offer?


All respondents can choose to be entered in to a prize draw to win:

  • Four tickets to the Hazlitt Theatre pantomime on 27th December 2019
  • A day out for four to the Museum of Kent Life
  • A fourball of golf at Cobtree Manor Park Golf Course
  • A three-month membership of Maidstone Leisure Centre

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