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External Board/Outside Body


External Board/Outside Body

Maidstone Quality Bus Partnership

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Councillor D Burton

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Councillor D Burton

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Purpose of the External Board/Outside Body:

The Maidstone Quality Bus Partnership is a liaison forum for KCC, MBC and bus operators.




I was unable to attend the previous Maidstone Quality Bus Partnership meeting, however, some key points taken from the confidential Minutes are:


·         Operational matters regarding policy enforcement and bus stop access were discussed.

·         The new Local Plan will address ‘air quality’ via the Strategic Planning, Sustainability and Transportation Committee.

·         The QBP were advised regarding the committee date and decision for the Park & Ride pilot review.

·         Issues with a new bus stop provided by a developer on the A274 were discussed.

·         Bus Station improvement plans are at an early stage.

·         Bus operators reported to the QBP during a separate session.

·         The secured S106s for bus infrastructure were reviewed.

·         Dates for next year’s meetings are to be confirmed.