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From: Natasha Wyeth [mailto:                           ]
Sent: 18 August 2018 22:12
To: Lorraine Neale
Subject: RE: Application for amendment to existing licence


Thank you for your email.


Regarding the application to extend the licence to play music at Hush Heath Winery, I am not satisfied with the offer made and will not be withdrawing my objection to the application.


I do appreciate that the applicant is trying to run a business and is making some effort to respond to the concerns of local residents. However my objection to the application remains on the following basis:


  1. Outdoor music events

Although the applicant has indicated music will mainly be played indoors and the building is double glazed, the application still seeks permission to play music and hold events outdoors. It is not specific about how many of these outdoor events will be held or the timings, and it still leaves the possibility that amplified music may be played. There are no indications of any soundproofing measures (other than double glazing) for events held inside the building. The application is too vague to give us reassurance that there will not be substantial public nuisance caused by noise transfer around what is now a very quiet, rural area. This will have a negative impact on local residents who live in close proximity, affect wildlife and have negative environmental consequences, and alter the rural character of this area.

  1. Timing of music events throughout the year: risk of clustering throughout the summer

The applicant has not specified when events will be held. Given that the application specifically requests permission for live music events outdoors it is likely these will be clustered to take place in summer months. Under the terms of the proposal 12 live music outdoor events could be held and if these were concentrated there could be an event every week throughout the summer. There are families living close to Hush Heath winery - we have 3 children. The noise coming from Hush Heath would stop us being able to sit outside, have our windows open, and will disturb my children preventing them from sleeping.

  1. Traffic

As stated in my original objection, this is a rural area. There are no street lights, no road markings, and narrow lanes that are single track around Hush Heath winery. There is no public transport. Therefore the only way that people could attend these events is on foot or by car.  The roads are simply not suitable for traffic arriving/leaving events. The cars leaving after midnight would cause a public nuisance because of the noise that they make. This noise is likely to be aggravated by the fact that the cars will have trouble leaving the Hush Heath winery premises because of the very narrow lanes. Any people leaving on foot will be at serious risk of harm as there is no lighting, no footpaths and ditches on both sides of the single lane road. The applicant states that they intend to encourage taxis. This will only further aggravate the traffic concerns as taxis will be arriving for pick up at the same time as other cars are trying to leave. The lane leading to Hush Heath often gets blocked if 2 cars are approaching from opposite directions. This is likely to lead to serious congestion along a large section of Five Oak Lane and potential accidents. This is both unsafe for road users, risks property damage by drivers trying to escape congestion / blocked roads, will cause further disruption to residents trying to access their own properties and noise affecting the residents living nearby.


The revised proposal from Hush Heath Winery does not adequately address these concerns and still leaves residents facing serious public nuisance and risk to safety.


Kind regards

Natasha Davidson-Houston




















From: Paul Stanley [mailto:                                                                      ]
Sent: 17 August 2018 18:28
To: Lorraine Neale
Subject: Hush Heath Winery


We feel that the proposal from the winery to limit the license to cover 12 events a year is fine providing that they agree to notify all local residents by email or letter well in advance of each event there is 8 Property’s in close proximity to the winery so it should not be difficult to carry out, if they agree to this we will withdraw our objection

Regards from Paul and Doreen Stanley






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