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From: Lorraine Neale
Sent: 17 August 2018 17:08
Cc: 'Sarah Easton'
Subject: FW: Application for amendment to existing licence


Good Afternoon


Please see the e-mail received from Hush Heath Winery, the applicant is prepared to limit the licence to 12 occasions per year where events go on until midnight, with live music finishing at 23.45. This concession will deal largely with the majority of peoples concerns. As objectors it is for you to consider the offer put forward by the applicant. If you are happy to accept the licence be limited in this way and withdraw your objection on that basis please confirm in writing. All parties must agree and withdraw in order to cancel the hearing.


Kind Regards 

Lorraine Neale

Senior Licensing Officer

Maidstone Borough Council, Maidstone House, King Street, Maidstone, Kent ME15 6JQ

t 01622 602028 e w



From: Sarah Easton
Sent: 16 August 2018 15:32
To: 'Lorraine Neale' <>
Subject: RE: Application for amendment to existing licence


Hush Heath Estate have been operating the winery since 2010, with the cellar door opening in 2013 for tastings and sales and have acted in a responsible manner throughout. Hush Heath Estate has and continues to bring employment to the area, also creating income for local hospitality venues and retail shops as tourism and footfall increase in the area.


In regard to concerns about recorded music, this will be played at a low level and will be mainly inside the building, which is fully double glazed to minimise noise externally. Furthermore, our opening times are 10.00 until 17.00, with tastings and tours taking place within these hours. 

As stated in our application the only time that music would be played after 17.00 is for an event. We would expect to hold no more than 12 events per year and even then, it is extremely unlikely that we would ever use all 12 as we are a 10.00-17.00 business. This is purely so that it gives us the ability to be able to do so should be have an occasion, as stated this will happen very rarely.  When events do occur, they would not go on for any longer than 00.00 with any music ceasing at 23.45, guests would leave by 00.00. We are not and will not be an outside event venue business, that is not what Hush Heath Estate is about. In respect of live music, again this will be on a very rare occasion during the day time and again if after the opening hours it would be included in one of our 12 events.


Our new building has been created to boost tourism in the local area and give our customers an exceptional experience whilst being respectful of our agricultural heritage and the beautiful environment around us.   The rural location and tranquillity of this area is of the upmost importance to us and we are passionate about maintaining the beauty and rural character of Hush Heath. In respect of this and as responsible licence holders we would not and cannot play music every day for 12 hours a day, as explained the recorded music is very low level as background music. We have always been very sensitive to our neighbours and will continue to be so.


Regarding increased traffic at events, as previously explained we will have very few events and when an event does take place it will be heavily regulated with car parking staff ensuring that visitors leave in a timely and orderly manner before midnight. As a licence holder we actively promote responsible drinking and provide soft drinks to designated drivers, we also advise customers to pre- book taxi transport to minimise the number of cars in the local area and again promote responsible drinking.



Kind regards,





Sarah Easton   |   


Hush Heath Winery

Five Oak Lane

Junction of Snoad Lane

Staplehurst, Kent

TN12 0HT


T: 01622 832794        E:     





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