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About Go Green Go Wild

Go Green Go Wild is an exciting new project in Maidstone to encourage people to look after the nature that’s on their doorstep.

We want to help you create wildlife corridors, encourage native species and provide habitats, so that wildlife can thrive throughout Maidstone.

The green spaces around us, whether an open meadow,  a grass verge, back garden or even a window box, not only provide an attractive environment to live and visit but they also provide important habitats for an array of wildlife. From hedgehogs to toads, and bees to butterflies, there are many important creatures that need a safe habitat to flourish.

Nature Rich Borough

We'd like to be a borough rich in nature and full of wildlife. You could incorporate nature in a corner of your garden or support your local nature group.

There are many local wildlife groups that you can support and gain ideas and knowledge, or you may have a vision to develop your own green space. It can even be as simple as planting native species to attract bees in your back garden or creating a bug hotel or bird box. Go Green Go Wild wants to help you find the advice and information you need to give a little back to nature.

Image of a Bee on a plant

Picture taken by Kara Fox.

Make a Difference

By nurturing green spaces, creating shelter and planting the necessary flora and fauna, creating wildlife corridors can improve biodiversity and protect the nature around us. You can sign up here to receive information on activities and events that are taking place in your area.

Get recognised for your work

Register your details to help us create a network of volunteers and experts and tell us about the great things you’re achieving. It’s a great opportunity to recruit new interest and inspire others.

You can tell us about your project by filling in our online form

Tell us about your group or project

You can find a group near you

Find a group near you

Go Green Go Wild can help you:

  • Learn more about wildlife and nature
  • Find a group near you
  • Register your interest
  • Learn about our projects
  • Find links to local projects and activities
  • Find ideas to inspire your own project

Our latest Projects:

  • Wild flower meadows
  • Biodiversity Strategy
  • Increased tree coverage

Image of a squirrel

Picture taken by Jacqui Sadler.

Planting Wildflower Meadows

We'll be sowing seeds to create eight new wildflower meadows across Maidstone this Spring.

Wildflower meadows are more than just pretty flowers, they're a lifeline for many different species of insects and animals. The longer grass makes a perfect habitat for small mammals, insects and reptiles while the wildflowers provides the perfect attraction for bees and butterflies.

The proposed sites are:

  • Grovewood Drive North
  • Shepway Green
  • Parkwood Recreation Ground
  • South Park (Postley Road)
  • Dickens Road
  • Bearsted Road (Opposite Hilton Hotel)
  • Gatland Lane Recreation Ground

Planting will take place late April. So look out for those patches of longer grasses and wildflowers bursting with colour as they flourish throughout the summer months.

If you’d like to help contact parksandopenspaces@maidstone.gov.uk.

Ever thought of creating your own Wildflower meadow?

The RSPB have some great tips to show you how.

Image of Poppies

Picture taken by Clare Green.

Biodiversity Strategy

Biodiversity is the variety of living things and the natural environments that support them. Plants, animals, insects and birds and the wide variety of places they live in all adds up to provide a healthy and interesting world for us to live in. It is more than the woodlands, rivers, ponds and meadows but includes our gardens, parks and town centres. Individually and working together we can all take positive action to protect and improve the natural world in our borough.

The Council is taking a leading role in developing a new biodiversity strategy for the borough and most importantly involve residents and wildlife groups in the process and support people in taking practical action whether large or small.

To find out more about helping shape our new Maidstone Biodiversity Strategy please get in touch to receive updates and information on workshops. Our partners at Medway Valley Countryside Partnership are helping us co-ordinate this work. You can contact at Emily.Seccombe@kent.gov.uk to help shape the new strategy.

Go Green Go Wild is all about making a difference for wildlife by helping you to take practical action to help the biodiversity.

Image of ButterflyImage of Butterfly

Pictures taken by Caron Blay.

Let Us Know

Are you already doing amazing things for nature and wildlife around Maidstone? Would like more local people to support you? Let us know here and we can help volunteers and visitors find where you are or get in touch.

Maybe you have your own wild flowers in your garden, or have created a bug hotel. Why not share how you have incorporated nature around your home or business and inspire others to Go Green Go Wild.

You may like to get ideas and see what you can do in your neighbourhood. We can provide useful links, contacts and information to help.

Useful Links:


Kent Wildlife Trust

Medway Valley Countryside Partnership

Wild About Gardens

Go Green Go Wild Small Grants Scheme

Apply for up to £250 to help your group Go Green Go Wild!

This fantastic initiative supports community groups to actively engage with nature and wildlife. To help improve biodiversity across Maidstone this grant scheme is open to formally constituted groups who wish to contribute to this.

Groups can apply for up to £250. Applications are welcome from any constituted group with an existing affiliation to a park, open space or community garden in the Maidstone Borough. If you are not a constituted group, you may wish to ask a Parish Council or local ‘Friends Of’ group to apply on your behalf.

Funding will be considered for: wildlife projects, tree planting, biodiversity improvements, clean-up projects, materials, equipment and tools and seeds, bulbs and plants.

The application form can be found here

Grant Scheme Application

Logo of Kent Wildlife Trust

Go Green Go Wild Supporting the Kent Wildlife Trust

Go Green Go Wild would like to encourage everyone to get involved and do their bit to connect nature and improve biodiversity across Maidstone. The Kent Wildlife Trust already run many great projects to conserve and protect nature and wildlife and are always looking for volunteers to help achieve this.

Wild About Gardens

Is your garden already a wildlife haven? Would you like to encourage more butterflies and birds to visit your communal area? Why not check out Wild About Gardens. However big or small your project, you can enter Wild About Gardens and receive free advice from a wildlife gardening advisor. They will give you tips and ideas on how to make your garden more wildlife friendly. Wild About Gardens is open to individuals, community groups, allotments and much more. All welcome so give it a go… you might even be an award winner!

Nature’s Sure Connected
Volunteer Opportunities with the Kent Wildlife Trust

Bugs Matter

Some people consider bugs annoying, but they play an important role for creating biodiversity, providing a vital food source for birds, small mammals, reptiles and other larger insects.  With a noticeable decline of these insects its even more important that we can provide research to spot trends and record data.

Butterfly Monitoring Volunteer

Maybe spotting butterflies is more your thing. Butterfly numbers have been declining for several decades, but we need to gage whether the measures we are taking to improve the outlook for them are working.

Reptile Survey

Like many other species, reptiles such as newts and lizards need to find wildlife corridors to move and thrive. Surveys are needed to monitor activity.

You can find all you need to help by visiting Kent Wildlife Trust website.

Events in Maidstone

You can find about the events happening in Maidstone

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